You and Me

Don’t worry if you can’t put your idea into words...

Just free your mind’s eye as I can develop the merest suggestion into a coherent picture which will include sketches and swatches as part of a detailed consultation so that you see the concept become reality. It works. As one client wrote: 'You bring talent, flair and the power to create and interpret atmosphere. That, and a reassuring grasp of detail: time, place, lighting, flow of people".

I am a floral designer with a lively imagination, who relishes a challenge but every occasion demands a different solution and receives my personal attention. I'm not just the name above the door; I'm involved from start to finish.

Flowers in the rain
Can dogs sell flowers...?
Nicky in her element
Early morning start
Creative process
Bright and beautiful
Completing an arch
All in the detail
Flowers to go

A very big thank you for the superb job you did with our flowers. They were perfect. Kirsty Young & Nick Jones